Wood Chips

In May 2013, Rentech acquired Fulghum Fibres, Inc. the largest independent processor of wood fibre. The company maintains a solid reputation as a producer of high quality wood chips and other services to a diversified customer base in the packaging, pulp and paper industries in the U.S., South America and Asia.

Fulghum Fibres processes approximately 15 million tonnes of wood and bark annually into wood chips and residual fuels at its 31 wood chipping mills located in the U.S. and South America. From its six South American facilities, Fulghum Fibres provides chipping services and exports wood chips to customers who are principally in Japan. Fulghum Fibres operates primarily under long-term contracts and services a portfolio of industry-leading customers, such as Georgia Pacific, International Paper and Weyerhaeuser.

Fulghum Fibres' services could include the following activities for wood chip processing:

  • Obtaining of wood supply
  • Receiving, storage and managing log storage facilities and residual chip and fibre materials
  • Debarking, chipping and screening of logs to chips
  • Storing and reclaiming chips
  • Hogging and storage of bark
  • Reclaiming and loading chips and bark onto barges, trucks, rail cars, ocean vessels or conveyor belts

Industry Leadership
Fulghum Fibres commands an estimated 70% of the U.S. contract chipping business In the U.S., the majority of Fulghum Fibres’ wood chip production is destined for products with the highest expected growth in the packaging and pulp market, such as containerboard, boxboard and tissue.

Growth Opportunities
There are many opportunities to grow Rentech's wood chip business, including through:

  • Provision of additional wood yard management services to existing customers
  • Outsourcing of wood yard management service
  • Co-location of wood pellet facilities
  • Acquisition of additional chip processing operating permits at mills currently operated by integrated forestry companies
  • Establishment of chip mills in countries with low-cost feedstocks
  • Expansion of barks and residual fuel production in South America

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