Rentech Process

The Rentech Process, which is based on Fischer-Tropsch chemistry, is a proprietary technology that, together with gasification and upgrading technologies, converts synthesis gas from biomass and fossil resources into hydrocarbons that are subsequently processed and upgraded into ultra-clean synthetic fuels and specialty waxes and chemicals. Our process can also be combined with our Rentech-SilvaGas or Rentech-ClearFuels biomass gasifiers to co-produce renewable power.

Rentech Process chart

The most critical component of the Rentech Process is our proprietary iron-based Rentech catalyst, which drives the Rentech Process in our reactor. Our iron-based catalyst performs well with a wide range of syngas compositions from a variety of feedstocks. In addition, the ingredients of our proprietary iron-based catalyst are relatively inexpensive and more economical to use than competing catalysts. Our catalyst is also non-toxic and does not require hazardous disposal handling.

Well-known and highly regarded catalyst vendors have produced thousands of pounds of our iron-based Rentech catalyst for various pilot and commercial synthetic fuels and chemicals projects.

Together with gasification and upgrading technologies, our proprietary and patented Rentech Process produces ultra-clean synthetic fuels such as military and commercial jet fuels (RenJet®) and ultra low sulfur diesel (RenDiesel®). All fuels produced by the Rentech Process can be distributed and used in existing infrastructure including pipelines and engines and are cleaner burning than traditional petroleum-derived fuel.